The Bourse de Commerce embodies four centuries of architectural innovation and technical prowess. It brings together the first freestanding column in Paris, erected during the sixteenth century, with vestiges of a Halle au Blé (grain market) built during the eighteenth-century and topped by the first cast-iron dome of its size, constructed in the early nineteenth century. The site was then adapted into a Bourse de Commerce (stock market) in 1889. Now a property of the City of Paris, the Bourse de Commerce has been leased for fifty years to the Collection Pinault, which will open a new museum of contemporary art on the site in 2019. The restoration and renovation works began in summer 2017. The team is headed by Tadao Ado & Associates, NeM / Lucie Niney and Thibault Marca Architects, and Pierre-Antoine Gatier, chief architect for French National Heritage, with Setec bâtiment. Collection Pinault—Paris oversees and manages the works.