Cameron Rowland

Cameron Rowland was born in Philadelphia in 1988 and today lives and works in New York. He graduated from Wesleyan University (Middleton, Connecticut), and has worked in an architect’s studio in New York and Copenhagen, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, overseeing research into the museum’s architectural collections. Rowland’s work, which focuses on economic and social issues, stimulates a critical debate about the relationship between exhibition spaces and public spaces. His recent work focuses on the power held by private companies that manage resources essential for humanity – like water, electricity, copper, and examines the questions of ownership and access that derive from this.

He has worked for Wilfred Lang (Los Angeles), Appendix Space, (Portland) and Wave Hill, (New York). His work has been shown in group exhibitions at Essex Street gallery in New York, at the Daniel Buchholz gallery in Berlin and Cologne, at the Galerie der HFBK in Hamburg, at Deuxpiece in Basel and at Artist's space in New York (2016).

Loot – Slip of the Tongue

U66 – Slip of the Tongue