Christoph Büchel

Christoph Büchel was born in 1966 in Basel, Switzerland. His practice encompasses installations and actions of a conceptual nature, which are often unauthorised and undeclared. Büchel occupies preexisting spaces, which he uses for a different purpose from which they were designed, thus redefining not just their architecture but also their meaning and history. Thus, Büchel challenges the usual relationship between the spectator and a work of art. Due to the mimetic nature of his works, they can easily be mistaken for reality, and viewers are sometimes not aware that they are looking at a work of art. For Piccadilly Community Center (2011), he transformed the London gallery Hauser and Wirth into a functioning recreation centre, the artistic purpose of which remained hidden; this was immersed within the life of a community in the guise of a service. Immigrant guided tours e Blind guided tours can also be interpreted in this way: these were real mediation services that Büchel created as his contribution to the 54th Venice Biennale.