David Hammons

David Hammons was born in 1942 in Springfield in the United States. He trained during the sixties and seventies, when Black Power and the Black Arts Movement began to reach through America. Since the beginning, however, Hammons has pursued an independent path, shaped by personal choices. His performances in the 1980s – for example, when he sold snow balls (minimalist and ephemeral objects) to passers by in the streets of New York – testify to his decision to place himself at the margins, to be absolutely discreet. Hammons’s questions about race and his own Afro-American identity are key themes of his work. Inspired both by Duchamp’s ready-mades and by Arte Povera, he gathers abandoned materials, often found in the street and connected to black culture – fragments of metal and wood, hats, cigarettes, basketball nets, stones and fabrics – and raises them to the level of art objects.

David Hammons works have been exhibted at Punta della Dogana in
 'Untitled, 2020' (2020), 'Dancing with Myself' (2018), 'Slip of the Tongue' (2015), 'Prima Materia' (2013 – 2015), in 'In Praise of Doubt' (2011-2013) and in 'Mapping the studio: Artists from the collection of François Pinault' (2009-2011); at Palazzo Grassi in 'Il mondo vi appartiene' (2011-2012),
 'The François Pinault Collection: a Post-Pop selection' (2006-2007),
 'Where Are We Going? Works chosen from the collection of François Pinault' (2006).

Flies in a jar – Slip of the Tongue

Central Park West – Slip of the Tongue

Cigarette Holder – Slip of the Tongue

Untitled – Slip of the Tongue

Untitled – Prima Materia