Dewain Valentine

DeWain Valentine was born in 1936 at Fort Collins in Colorado. From when he was young, he worked as a polisher in the car industry; this experience led to him developing a strong interest in reflective, shiny surfaces and industrial processes. Seduced by West Coast artists such as Larry Bell, Craig Kauffman and Kenneth Price, in 1965 he moved to Los Angeles, and joined the Light and Space movement. Valentine is known for his geometrically essential casts, made from translucent resin. Valentine was in fact pioneered the use of plastic and industrial resin in art: the surfaces of his monumental sculptures reflect and distort light and the surrounding space. The technical virtuosity and lengthy labour that goes into his works are completley at the service of the viewer’s perceptive and interactive experience.

DeWain Valentine’s works are included in several important international collections, such as The Art Institute of Chicago, the J. Paul Getty Museum, Milwaukee Art Center and the Whitney Museum of American Art. A sculpture by the artist is shown at Punta della Dogana in the exhibition “Accrochage”(2016).

Diamond Column – Accrochage