Enrico David

Enrico David was born in 1966 in Ancona, Italy. His work is permeated with references to philosophy, anthropology, psychology and sexuality. With an aesthetic that approaches contemporary surrealism, he depicts bodies in the process of metamorphosis, and their dissolution, like a modern art that tends towards abstraction, whether his medium is painting or sculpture. David always comes back to the body as the starting point. He sees the human figure as a metaphor for transformation, which he considers to be inherent to the act of creation both with regard to the shapes and regarding the possibility of creating potential meanings. While his visual language remains coherent, he draws on a wide variety of techniques and mediums, using bronze as well as Jesmonite, a little-known material composed of gypsum and acrylic resin. David’s anthropomorphic subjects, which are somewhere between delicacy and brutality, are not completely formed; rather, they are in the process of evolving and at times evoke a sense of melancholy, uncertainty or pain.

His work was included in the exhibition 'Untitled, 2020' (2020) at Punta della Dogana.