Gudmundur Gudmundsson, known in the art world as Errò, was born in 1932 in Olafsvik, Iceland. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway, he studied the technique of mosaic in Italy. His first works were a series of paintings that portray strange anthropomorphic creatures with mechanical implants. When, in 1963, he moved to New York, he was inevitably influenced by Pop Art. In the second phase of his career, he started using collage and adopted a comic-book style, creating works that address everything from popular culture to politics and the history of art. He gathered images cut from posters, newspapers and books that he found in markets and, to use the artist’s own word, he ‘married’ them. The result is a portrait, that is both ironic and grotesque, of a contemporary society pervaded by political corruption, the commercialisation of the human body, and consumerism.