Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Felix Gonzalez-Torres was born in Cuba in 1957. His entire artistic output is an vast autoiographical project that he wanted to share with the public. Gonzalez-Torres often deals with profound themes such as social injustices, economic inequalities, homophobia, illness and death. He handles these issues with a delicacy and beauty that is both visually and morally rich. His works do not assault the eye and feelings; everything is implicit, discreet and fluid. His art is based on the power of simple evocation, which transforms ordinary objects into instruments of poetry. He died of Aids at 39.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s work has previously been shown at Punta della Dogana in 
'Mapping the studio: Artists from the collection of François Pinault' (2009-2011), 'Slip of the Tongue' (2015-2016), 'Dancing with Myself' (2018) and 'Luogo e Segni' (2019) and at Palazzo Grassi in 
'Where Are We Going? Works chosen from the collection of François Pinault' (2006).

Untitled (Blood) – Slip of the Tongue