Florian Pumhösl

Born in 1971, the Viennese artist Florian Pumhösl makes complex work that combines painting, graphic art, film and installations and that confronts the legacy of modernism and its aesthetic vocabulary. Pumhösl is rigorous but multi-dimensional; in his works, typographic elements and geometric forms are reduced to the simplest minimalist expression. His visual language follows a process of extreme reduction, arriving at a sequence of fragments that recall the work of abstract artists and utopian architectural schemes.

Important exhibitions dedicated to Florian Pumhösl have been held at Kunsthaus Bregenz (2012), the Art Institute of Chicago (2012) and MUMOK in Vienna (2011). He participated in dOCUMENTA XII (2007) and the San Paolo Biennale (2006). Some works by Florian Pumhösl are exhibited at Punta della Dogana in the exhibition “Accrochage” (2016).

After a map of Eretz Israel from the book Boundaries of the Land by Rabbi Joshua Feiwel ben Israel, Grodno, 1813, Panels 9-12 – Accrochage