Giovanni Buonconsiglio detto il Marescalco

Giovanni Buonconsiglio, called il Marescalco, was from Vicenza. He was perhaps born in Montecchio Maggiore around 1465 and died in Venice between 1535 and 1537. In 1945, he was documented in Venice, where most of his artistic activity took place. Trained with Bartolomeo Montagna, he seems to have had contact with Giovanni Bellini and Antonello da Messina, whose infuence is apparent in his masterpiece, the Pietà in the Museo Civico di Vicenza. Other important works include surviving fragments of his 1497 Saints Benedetta, Tecla and Damian in Venice’s Accademia Gallery and the frescoes of the Assumption in the apse of the Montagnana Cathedral. In the same church is an altarpiece from 1511 (Madonna with Saints Roche e Sebastian), and in the church of S. Giacomo dell'Orio in Venice is another altarpiece.

Saints Benedict, Thecla and Damian – Slip of the Tongue