Giulio Paolini

Giulio Paolini was born in Genova in 1940. He currently lives and works in Turin. Paolini is recognised as one of the main exponents of conceptual art in Italy. Since the begining of his career, Paolini has been particularly interested in the relationship betweeen the artist, art object and viewer, examining the act of seeing and experiencing a work. His works take a variety of forms, from photographic reproductions (Giovane che guarda Lorenzo Lotto, 1967) to casts of classical sculptures (Mimesi, 1975). Paolini uses the artist’s tools ironically, as in his preparatory drawing (Disegno geometrico, 1960) and the reversed frame and canvas (Copia dal vero, 1975) in order to question the creative act and its perpetrators. From the 1970s, Paolini has created set designs and costumes for theatrical productions; he has also cultivated an interest in writing, and alongside his artistic work has produced many pieces of writing.

Recent exhibitions dedicated to his work include those at Marian Goodman Gallery, New York (2015), Whitechapel Gallery, London ( 2014) and his participation in the exhibition “vice versa”, which represented Italy at the Venice Biennale (2013). His works were shown at Punta della Dogana in the exhibitions 'Dancing with Myself' (2018) and 'Prima Materia' (2013-15) and at Palazzo Grassi in the exhibition 'Italics' (2008-2009) and 'Where are We Going?' (2006).

Vedo (La decifrazione del mio campo visivo) – Prima Materia