Hassan Khan

Hassan Khan was born in London in 1975. He currently lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. Before officially becoming part of the art world, he distinguished himself as one of the pioneers of underground music and experimental video in Cairo’s underground scene. His artistic practice includes performance, publications, videos, sound and architectural installations. Khan’s work has the virtue of knowing how to address the Egyptian capital and its cultural identity, isolating, studying and commenting on different, above all popular, aspects. From here, his interest developed in Egyptian street life and the Shaab, a form of street music (DOM-TAK-TAK-DOM-TAK, 2005).

Exhibitions dedicated to his work include those at MMK, Frankfurt (2015), Kunsthalle, San Paolo (2014), Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, Cairo (2014) and one as part of SALT, Istanbul, in 2012. The video Jewel (2010) was included in the exhibition ‘Voice of Images’ (2012-13) at Palazzo Grassi.