Huang Yong Ping

Huang Yong Ping was born in 1954 in Xiamen, China. During the 1980s, he trained at the Fine Arts Academy of Zhejiang, and in 1989 he moved to Paris where he still lives and works. He is interested in analysing the present-day and its dynamics, and reflects on the most obvious and controversial aspects of globalization. Through his practice, which is based on monumental installations and sculpture, he also acts as a spokesperson for a dialogue between culture and religion, putting forward a vision of East and West as complementary poles. One of his first works was The History of Chinese Painting and The History of Modern Western Art Washed in the Washing Machine for Two Minutes (1987-1993). In it, a book on western art history and a traditional Chinese painting were both put through a wash together in a washing machine. The result, a pulp of illegible paper, symbolises the quashing of distance between the book and the painting, east and west. The artist himself, born in China but based in France, represents a bridge between western and eastern culture, and adopts a lateral perspective, free from stereotypes.

Recent exhibitions dedicated to his work have been held at Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing (2015), MAXXI, Rome (2014), Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon (2013). His work was shown at Palazzo Grassi in the exhibitions ‘The World Belongs to You’ (2011-12) and ‘Mapping the Studio’ (2009-11).