Hubert Duprat

Hubert Duprat

Born in 1957, Hubert Duprat lives and works in the south of France, andhis work defies stylistic unity. Each work results from a precise moment, a significant experience in which the artist temporarily interrupts what he was doing previously. Duprat positions himself halfway between free artistic expression and the rational world of science. He is not a goldsmith, entomologist nor archaeologist, yet alongside his artistic knowledge, a scientific and technical knowledge emerge in his work, enriching its formal and functional values.

Among the most important exhibitions over recent years are the monographic show at the Museum of Old and New Art in 2013 and “My First Summer in the Sierra” at Le Plateau a Parigi in 2015. His work has been presented in exhibitions in many other institutions including La Verrière, Fondation Hermès, in Brussels (2014), at the gallery Art Concept in Paris (2013) and at the Manchester Museum (2013).

Tribulum – Slip of the Tongue

Caddis worms building their case – Slip of the Tongue

Cassé-Collé – Slip of the Tongue

Corail Costa Brava – Slip of the Tongue