Jake & Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman were born respectively in 1966 in London and 1962 in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. They have worked together since 1990 when they finished their studies at the Royal College of Art. The brothers expose the hypocrisies of the contemporary era: they challenge social and political taboos, and knock down conceptual barriers, provoking the public with their scathing humour. They were among the most irreverent YBAs (Young British Artists), garnering critial attention with their Disasters of War (1993), a tableau composed of plastic figures based on the series of engravings by Goya, one of the artists, along with Dalí and Bosch, to whom they often make reference. In a practice that encompasses graphic work, sculpture, installation and dioramas, the Chapman brothers explore themes of morality, politics, religion, violence and sexuality, creating small worlds in which disturbing creatures with deformed bodies, their genitals sometimes on show, are presented alongside art historical references, news stories and allusions to popular culture.