Lee Lozano

Lee Lozano was born in 1930 a Newark, United States, and died in 1999 in Dallas, United Staes. “Seek the extreme; that’s where you’ll find the action’ is the motto of Lee Lozano, a central figure of the 1960s New York art scene. Her life and work are characterised by a desire to conceptually review her entire artistic position and take subversive political positions, which edge on masochism. Lozano’s brief career was marked by a strong criticism of discrimination in the male-dominated art world. Her work sits halfway between minimalism and conceptual art, and consists of painting, sculpture and drawing. She often represents instruments such as screwdrivers, bolts, saws, hammers – modern attributes of male power. In 1971 Lee Lozano began a new artistic piece (The Boycott Piece), which is based on a self-destructive act: it has only to do with men, given that women have no power. She decided to no longer speak to women and, shortly after, she retreated definitively from the artistic scene.

Lee Lozano’s works have been exhibited at Punta della Dogana in “Mapping the Studio: Artists from François Pinault’s collection” (2009-2011), in "Slip of the Tongue" (2015-2016), "Luogo e Segni" (2019) and "Untitled, 2020", (2020).

Works by Lee Lozano – Slip of the Tongue

No Title (Toilet Lid) – Slip of the Tongue