Marin Karmitz

Marin Karmitz was born in Bucharest in Romania in 1938. At the end of the 1940s, he moved to France with his family. He worked as an assistant for many film directors, among them Jean-Luc Godard. From the 1960s, he began producing short films, documentaries and films based on pre-existing works, such as Comédie, taken from a piece by Samuel Beckett. From 1968, Karmitz distinguished himself as a politically engaged director, with a series of feature films that supported the fight of workers and unions against the rule of the bourgeois class. From the middle of the 1970s, he abandoned the movie camera but founded MK2, a production exploitation and distribution company, in Paris, through which he continues to promote and broadcast political, diverse and militant cinema.

Comédie (1965) was one of the works included in ‘Voice of Images’ (2012-13) at Palazzo Grassi.