Mircea Cantor

Mircea Cantor was born in 1977 at Oradea, Romania. He currently works between Paris and Cluj, Romania. The point of departure for many of his works is his own childhood, influenced by growing up in a Communist country, and his memories of this. Cantor positions himself as an observer of reality and diverse cultures, and in his work he focuses on social differences and borders between countries. His videos and installations are highly poetic and evocative. His close attention to formal and aesthetic concerns is combined with strong political meanings, which he translates into simple gestures with universal value. Cantor is co-editor of VERISON, an artists’ magazine produced in collaboration with Gabriela Vanga and Ciprian Muresan, whose aim is to connect art with other areas of creation.

In 2011, Mircea Cantor was awarded the Prix Marcel Duchamp. Recent exhibitions dedicated to his work include those held at Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv (2016), Art Basel, Switzerland (a special project in 2015) and Magazzino d’Arte Moderna, Rome (2014). His work was included in the exhibition ‘Voice of Images’ (2012-13) at Palazzo Grassi.