Piotr Uklański

Piotr Uklański was born in 1968 in Warsaw, Poland. He studied painting at the city’s Academy of Fine Arts before moving to New York, where he studied photography at the Cooper Union. Since the middle of the 1990s, he has emerged as a very versatile artist, working in a range of media: from installation to photography to video and sculpture. The common denominator of his work is an ironic and playful approach that provokes but also involves the viewer, and integrates elements from contemporary popular culture and imagination. Typical of his work is Untitled (Dance Floor),1996: a floor with a grid (reminiscent of minimalist art) that lights up to the rhythm of pop music, tearing viewers between the temptation to dance and the sense that they should adopt the usual behaviour expected within a museum space. Uklánski also reflects on how media culture influences our attitude to certain events or historical episodes. The media’s filter manipulates reality, which can make us more forgiving, and momentarily confuse our perception of certain difficult historical episodes.