Raymond Pettibon

Raymond Pettibon was born in 1957 in Arizona, and studied at UCLA in Los Angeles. Before launching onto the artistic scene, he worked as a teacher and designed record covers for Black Flag, a hardcore band founded by his brother. Initially known for his photocopied fanzines, Raymond Pettibon today works principally in drawing, which he often combines with gouache, pastels and acrylics. His work is distinguished by a comic-like style, which he combines with written statements scrawled nonchalantly in untidy writing: high and low culture meet with the communicative power of adverts and the aesthetic of record covers and flyers for punk concerts. His sources range from religious iconography to pop culture and pornographic imagery. In Raymond Pettibon’s work, image and text take meaning from each other, leaving the viewer in a state of total ambiguity. His fascinating and powerful body of work constitutes one of the most anti-authoritarian voices in the American arts scene, and presents an ironic but pitiless portrait of contemporary American society.