Richard Prince

Richard Prince was born in 1949 in Panama, United States. A serial appropriator of images taken from mass media, adverts and 1970s entertainment, Prince redefines the concepts of authorship and challenges the aura of a work of art. His drawings, installations, paintings and photographs explore the place of subcultures and vernacular expressions in the definition of the American identity. Through a strongly ironic approach, he collects and recounts myths and symbols associated with the American imagination: the Marlboro cowboy, topless women on Harley Davidsons, Hollywood pinups on vintage cars, cartoons from Playboy and The New Yorker, and even the seductive but disturbing nurses from the series Nurse. Recently, Prince has also measured himself against one of the great myths of American art, the abstract Expressionist painter Willem de Kooning. Departing from elements of de Kooning’s famous canvases and working them into his own paintings, prints and photographs, Prince debunks but at the same time bows to the roots of contemporary American painting.