Ser Serpas

Ser Serpas was born in 1995 in Los Angeles, United States. She works with “disgusting, ephemeral, mistreated” found objects that are charged with their own energy and history. Through seemingly chaotic assemblages, she investigates the mundane, and reinterprets and reconfigures it, seeking in this way to reflect a certain harmony, somewhere between desire and fear. Her creation process is similar to musical interventions in space: “I tackle each work session like a video clip. The installation is more important to me than each piece seen individually.” In conjunction with these sculptures and installations, Serpas has recently become interested in oil painting, a process that requires new timescales and long working hours. Like her drawings, Serpas’ paintings depict nude bodies, anatomical details (hands, genitals, breasts), figures in sensual poses in which the eroticism is constantly changing. As a transgender artist, Serpas’ works testify to her interest in issues related to identity and sexuality and to how these are depicted in our times, in particular through the Internet.

Her work was included in the exhibition 'Untitled, 2020' (2020) at Punta della Dogana.