William Pope.L

William Pope.L was born in Newark, New Jersey. He now lives and works in Chicago. Although best known for his performances, Pope.L also works with photography, video, sculpture and writing. He is particularly interested in the role of objects in society and daily life, and examines their power within certain forms of magic and ritual. Alongside this work, he also addresses racial questions, exploring concepts of blackness and whiteness and presenting the prejudices and violence that emerge from a culture of racism. Pope.L is currently Professor at the department of visual arts at the University of Chicago.

William Pope.L’s work will be included in the next Documenta, at Athens and Kassel in 2017. Recent exhibitions dedicated to his work include those at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York (2016), Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles (2015), The Geffen Contemporary and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2015). His work was included in the exhibition ‘Voice of Images’ (2012-13) at Palazzo Grassi.