Workshops for families

What are they?

ST_ART is a workshop dedicated to creativity, play and sharing!

Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana offer a series of events and activities dedicated to smaller visitors and their parents. Look at works of art, discover artists, and then make, think, invent, play, talk and get excited: participants experiment with contemporary art through workshops that stimulate both our ability to look and our practical skills. The hands-on approach involves children in the creative process and invites them to express ideas and feelings and be like artists creating their masterpieces!

Where, when, how?

Workshops take place at 3pm at Punta della Dogana and at 5pm at Palazzo Grassi.
Duration: 1h30

For more information and booking
+39 041 2401 373

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Come and play at the museum!

The activities for younger visitors are always different and aim to introduce chidren to contemporary art, encouraging their power of observation and creativity by looking at works in the exhibition.
All ST_ART workshops are supported by a ISL (Italian Sign Language) interpreter and are therefore accessible to all children (deaf and hearing).