High school work placement course

Work-school placement project

From 2015 Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana takes part in a work-school placement project, run in collaboration with the Regional Scholastic Office of the Veneto Region, by offering a program of apprenticeships for high school students.

A group of students, selected by an open call, have the opportunity to live a professional experience in a creative and challenging context. The participants get to know a cultural institution from within and discover its workings and dynamics at first hand. Alongside the museum staff, the students are involved in the design and creation of specific tools for interaction and engagement of the ‘teenage’ audience.

Immersed in an international cultural environment, whose buildings are tied to the past but whose contents are oriented towards the future, the participating students gain awareness of the social role of a cultural institution and take part in the development of various initiatives addressed to the public.

The complexity of contemporary art allows students to face first hand different current issues and to reflect on the daily challenges of an institution committed to mediate and share with the public the richness of its contents as well as its history.

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Video and...

For the first trimester of the 2018-2019 school year, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana has conceived three different projects dedicated to video:

Video and... collection
Students are encouraged to develop their own interpretation and critical vision of the works exhibited in the museum. After learning the rules of visual narration and video editing, they produce their own videos to be published on the website teens.palazzograssi.it

Video and... performance
Starting from video production and the performing arts, in dialogue with the works of 'Dancing with Myself', the participants analyse how memes become democritising means of the collective digital era. The artist Jacopo Jenna aimes to identity elements that link the universe of memes, visual representation and performance.

Video and... communication
What do we mean by video storytelling in the 2.0 communication era? This transversal project aims to convey theoretical and practical notions to conceive and develop video contents for the digital and social media spheres. Short videos focusing on the cultural tourism in Venice will be brought together for the creation of a final production of the project Venice: On Day at Museums led by Susanna Legrenzi.

Promenade acoustique

Nine are the participating students for the second quarter of the 2017/2018 school year, coming from different high schools of the Veneto Region.

The 'Soundscape' project, in collaboration with Suonifreschi, gives the opportunity to discover Keynote, a concept developed by composer Raymond Murray Schafer, whereby every city has its particular urban sound and is responsible of the acoustic identity of a place. Students discover how to listen to the city of Venice, isolate the most particular sounds and reveal them to distracted visitors.

The outcome of this workshop will be an acoustic storytelling of three different urban strolls in Venice that share the same destination: Palazzo Grassi. Discover the event

Teen Print Party

On Friday 27 January, the students of the work placement project organised Teen Print Party, an event for teenagers aged 14 to 19. The participants had the chance to print live on any material while listening to hip-hop music and witnessing freestyle performances.

Teen Print Party was organised in collaboration with Small Caps, a Venetian cultural organisation specialised in serigraph printing.

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Teens night '16

The second edition of Teens Night, an evening of concerts with young musicians, was organised by the teens who participated to the work placement project at Palazzo Grassi-Punta della Dogana.

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The students of the Marco Polo high school tell you about their experience during the work placement project at Palazzo Grassi from October 2015 to February 2016!