Palazzo Grassi Teens

What is it?

Palazzo Grassi Teens is a programme aimed at secondary schools (first and second graders) based on a peer-to-peer approach, which aims to engage girls and boys with contemporary art through works from the Pinault Collection.

The programme is built around the website, an educational tool that allows young visitors to discover artists and works represented in the collection through interpretation provided by their peers.

What’s it for?

At the museum, the teenagers go on a tour that teaches them about the museum but also gives them confidence. Looking at contemporary art teaches them to interpret the present and anticipate of the future, learn to look at the world around them, ask themselves questions and develop critical thinking.

Palazzo Grassi Teens is being constantly evaluated. Certain aspects have emerged from monitoring its educational impact:
- enrichment of basic and lateral knowledge
- improvement in the ability to observe, mediate and communicate
- strengthened ability to work in groups
- involvement of teenagers becomes an active part of the learning process
- development of critical thinking and independent behaviour

The interdisciplinary nature of the project makes it suitable for teachers of all subjects and lends itself in particular to collaborations among lecturers. The project, based on the conception and development of original digital content, responds to the European Digital Agenda’s recommendation that digital technology be spread in the Education and Culture sectors.

How does it work?

Starting with a visit to Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana’s exhibitions, the classes taking part in the project work in a free and creative way at school, at home and in the museum to create new content for the site– be it texts, photos, audio and video – under the guidance of the museum’s education staff and their teachers.

For the secondary school (first and second grade): Length: from mid-April to mid-December 2016. The number of meetings varies according to the class’s availability (minimum 2 meetings, of which 1 at the museum and 1 at school + registrations and review.
Price: 130€ per class. The number of available places is limited.

Information and to join – t. 041 2401373



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