Activities for teenagers

The activities

Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana and the Teatrino open their doors to all young people who want to experience contemporary art in a new way. Workshops, previews of exhibitions, tours led by peers, performances, concerts, screenings and many other events devised for teenagers by teenagers encourage young visitors to come to the museum and make new friends.

Since 2015, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana has been offering various educational projects for high school students and teenagers that can be recognised as placement hours by the Regional Scholastic Office of the Veneto Region (PCTO, ex-ASL).

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12 teenagers selected through a call for applications will work alongside the museum's Education Services staff for a period of 10 weeks. They will train their gaze and practise their mediation skills, to generate an exhibition itinerary that reflects the sensitivities and viewpoints of the under-20s.

The activities take place on Wednesday afternoons at Palazzo Grassi, from 15.00 to 17.00, from 19 October 2022 to 29 March 2023. Final event in April 2023.

Masterclass with Yuri Ancarani

Palazzo Grassi presents a cycle of talks, screenings and Masterclasses with filmmaker Yuri Ancarani. From 14 to 17 June, he leads a Masterclass for teenagers aged between 15 and 20 focused on the audio-visual language and to develop an understanding of the tools of film production.

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Masterclass: Variazioni/variations

Masterclass for teenagers aged 15 to 19
From 5 to 7 July 2021

The masterclass was led by performance and digital artist Corinne Mazzoli and brought together artistic practices from the 1960s and 1970s that have to do with the body and contemporary ways of self-representation found online, through memes, challenges and other viral contents.

The exhibition "Bruce Nauman: Contrapposto Studies" at Punta della Dogana, was the starting point of the masterclass.

In June 2002, the workshop Teens Tales takes place and is dedicated to the work of Bruce Nauman presented at Punta della Dogana.

There is who prefers to use images and who prefers to use words. With this workshop at Punta della Dogana, the participants are invited to tell stories - written, illustrated or performed - starting from the exhibition "Bruce Nauman: Contrapposto Studies" to build new narrations.

The activities take place at Punta della Dogana and in the foyer of the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi, where the participants work on the intersections between video, performance, writing and illustration.

Teens Collection

From October to December 2020, Teens Collection invited participants to build their own version of the exhibition "Untitled, 2020. Three perspectives on the art of the present" presented at Punta della Dogana. The participants had the opportunity to develop their project focusing on a specific discipline: fashion/design/applied arts, publishing, digital media/videos/photography, performance.
Participants were assigned tutors who work in the chosen field: Flavia La Rocca (fashion), Nicola Fioravanti (photography), Giacomo Covacich (publication) and Chiara Bersani (performance).

Ekphrasis - The art of describing art

In November and December 2019, the poet and performer Alessandro Burbank, together with the team of the Educational Services of Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana, led Ekphrasis - The art of describing art, a project that aims at understanding works of art and at communicating them through poetry. The participants developped the creative skills for poetic writing as their capacity to interpret the meaning of a work of art.

Video and...

For the first trimester of the 2018-2019 school year, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana conceived three different projects dedicated to video:

Video and... collection
Students are encouraged to develop their own interpretation and critical vision of the works exhibited in the museum. After learning the rules of visual narration and video editing, they produce their own videos to be published on the website

Video and... performance
Starting from video production and the performing arts, in dialogue with the works of 'Dancing with Myself', the participants analyse how memes become democritising means of the collective digital era. The artist Jacopo Jenna aimes to identity elements that link the universe of memes, visual representation and performance.

Video and... communication
What do we mean by video storytelling in the 2.0 communication era? This transversal project aims to convey theoretical and practical notions to conceive and develop video contents for the digital and social media spheres. Short videos focusing on the cultural tourism in Venice will be brought together for the creation of a final production of the project Venice: On Day at Museums led by Susanna Legrenzi.

Promenade acoustique

In the 2017/2018 school year, participants coming from various high schools in the Veneto region participated to the production of a soundscape of the spaces of Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana.

The 'Soundscape' project, in collaboration with Suonifreschi, gave the opportunity to discover Keynote, a concept developed by composer Raymond Murray Schafer, whereby every city has its particular urban sound and is responsible of the acoustic identity of a place. Students discovered how to listen to the city of Venice, isolate the most particular sounds and reveal them to distracted visitors.

The outcome of this workshop is an acoustic storytelling of three different urban strolls in Venice that share the same destination: Palazzo Grassi.




Poetry Teen Slam

From October to December 2017, high school pupils were invited to participate in the project Teen Slam, dedicated to poetry slam. In view of the final competition, the participants were invited to three preparatory workshops with different poets: Lello Voce, Sergio Garau, Rosaria Lo Russo, Alessandro Burbank, Gabriele Frasca and Julian Shara. The winner had the opportunity to perform in front of the public of the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi on the occasion of Versus! International Poetry Slam, a competitition with 8 slammers.


On the occasion of Art Night Venezia 2017 the Teens of Palazzo Grassi organised Aperiteens, a party with Dj-set by CARRA, REET and Betz, all selected by the teenagers themselves.

The event was organised by the teenagers participating to the work placement project run by the Regional Scholastic Office of the Veneto.

Teen Print Party

Friday 27 January 2017, Palazzo Grassi Teens - the programme to bring teenagers closer to contemporary art - presented Teen Print Party, an event for teenagers aged 14 to 19. Live print, music and freestyle turned the Teatrino into a free and creative workshop, far from any conventions.

Teen Print Party was organised by the Teens of Palazzo Grassi in collaboration with Small Caps, a Venetian cultural organisation specialised in serigraph printing.

Teens night '16

The second edition of TEENS NIGHT took place place on Saturday 18 June 2016 at Punta della Dogana.
From 7pm to midnight three bands composed of young musicians performed in the spaces of the museum. Free entrance. Lineup:

Hund, Alternative Pop

Impero Arruginito, Rock & Psychedelic

Tequila For Kids, Rock, Indie Rock, Punk

+ Dj Set Falange

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Teens Day '16

Wednesday 15 June 2016 was the first edition TEENS DAY at Palazzo Grassi.
A group of students from the Marco Polo High School in Venice led a guided tour of the exhibition dedicated to artist Sigmar Polke.

Teens Night 2015

On the occasion of Art Night Venezia 2015, Palazzo Grassi presented the first edition of Teens Night. Three bands of teenage musicians from Venice and Mestre played on the waterfront for an alternative evening 100% rock!

Rolling Carpets: Francesco Bresin, Juri Vatova, Davide Ford
Tequilla for kids: Rares Gabriel Cirlan e Nicu Cucbu
Fake Intentions: Daniele Leonardi, Giulia Toninato, Francesco Scarpa, Cristian Krizman