30 questions to discover who we are (and we would like to be)

09/07 - 31/07/2018


30 questions to discover who we are (and we would like to be)
From 9th to 15th July

Palazzo Grassi and Corriere della Sera Futura present a project on social media platforms dedicated to the theme 'identity', inspired by the current exhibition at Punta della Dogana, Dancing with Myself, open to the public until 16th December 2018.

The project stems from the themes of the exhibition that investigates the primordial importance of self-representation in the artistic production since the 1970s.

From 9th to 15th July, thirty questions conceived by Corriere della Sera invite to reflect upon the themes evoked by the 32 artists present in the exhibition. The open questionnaire - communicated online on the social media profiles of the newspaper and of Palazzo Grassi - aims to establish a debate between personal points of views and collective experiences, aspirations, stories from the past and analogies.

To follow the project online:

Palazzo Grassi
Instagram: @palazzo_grassi
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Facebook: @palazzograssi

Corriere della Sera
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Facebook: @corrieredellasera

Instagram: @futura_corriere
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