Alla Luna: Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
H 7:00 PM


Saturday 14 September, at 7 pm
Concert by Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello "Alla Luna"
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi

The students of the course in “Music composition applied to images” at the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, Venice, present the concert “Alla Luna” (“To the Moon”). In their works the relationship with the moon will be revealed through varied and personal languages: from the interdisciplinary experiences between dance, cinema and music, to new original music composed to accompany the screening of the first step onto the lunar surface, up to free interpretations.

The musicians perform 9 pieces loosely based on the work dedicated to moon by 9 students of the course: Gianangelo Bolzonello, Sebastiano Burelli, Jacopo Caneva, Francesco Cappellari, Denis Carli, Michele Deiana, Emanuele Frison, Paolo Piaser, Dario Sevieri.

Free entry until capacity is reached.