Claude Cahun, Les Paris sont ouverts

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
H 6:30 PM


Tuesday 15 May at 6.30 pm
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi

Edizioni Wunderkammer present the first Italian edition of Claude Cahun's provocative pamphlet Les Paris sont ouverts (Bets are on), published in Paris in 1934. Through literature and photography, first trough a Surrealist eye and later by taking part in the resistant to Nazism, Claude Cahun (1894 - 1954) incessantly tells of her refusal to be identified by a stable gender and her will to change the rules of the world. The text brings together her passion for poetry and for political commitment, a reflection on the role of poetry as a space where man can aspire to greater freedom.
The publishing project is by Lucia Biolchini, preface by Silvia Mazzucchelli, translation by Marcello Giulini, revision by Marco Dell'Omodarme.

Talk with Silvia Mazzucchelli, author of the preface and François Leperlier, IUFM–Université de Rouen.

From April 8 to December 16, 2018, Claude Cahun's work is part of the exhibition 'Dancing with Myself' at Punta della Dogana.

Talk in french with simultaneous translation in Italian.
Free entry until capacity is reached.