Seminar Projecting/Displaying

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
10/01 - 12/01/2018


From Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 January
Projecting/Displaying. The Work of Art in the Age of Its Remediation

‘Projecting/Displaying. The Work of Art in the Age of Its Remediation' is a three-day seminar dedicated to films as a way to reflect upon artworks and their display. The talks by artists, art and image historians and curators will face the question of medium, display and experience of the artwork in the museum space.

With Lena Bader, Eric de Bruyn, Erik Bullot, Enrico Camporesi, Giovanni Careri, Mathieu Copeland, Philippe Decrauzat, Lydie Delahaye, Eva Fabbris, Pierre Leguillon, Carmelo Marabello, Rosalind Nashashibi, Jonathan Pouthier, Paul Sietsema, Lucy Skaer.

Entrance is free until capacity is reached.

Organised by Labex CAP - Laboratoire d’excellence “Création, Arts, Patrimoines”, Iuav - Dipartimento di Culture del Progetto, Ehess, Centre Pompidou, Louvre and Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana. With the participation of Fondazione di Studi di Storia dell’Arte Roberto Longhi.


3.00pm Introduction by Giovanni CARERI, Iuav/Ehess

4.00pm Érik BULLOT, ENSA Bourges: Michael Snow: Reprise et rétrospective
Screening of Side Seat Paintings Slides Sound Film
by Michael Snow (1970/20')

5.00pm Break

5.30pm Lena BADER, DFK Paris:Une image peut toujours en cacher une autre. Juxtapositions d’histoires de l’art

6.30pm Screening of Carpaccio (1947/15') and Caravaggio (1948/16') by Umberto Barbaro and Roberto Longhi. Live reading of the Caravaggio screenplay by actor Gustavo FRIGERIO
Introduction by Carmelo MARABELLO, Iuav


3.00pm Lydie DELAHAYE, Université Paris 8: Surface d’authentification

4.00pm Enrico CAMPORESI, Labex CAP/INHA: Strategie di risarcimento
Screening of Giotto e il restauro della Madonna d’Ognissanti, I Part (1991/27')
by Massimo Becattini

5.00pm Break

5.30pm Eric DE BRUYN, Freie Universität Berlin: Magnetic Spaces: The FilmicTopologies of Lygia Pape
Screenings of works by Lygia Pape

Conversation with artists Rosalind NASHASHIBI and Lucy SKAER
and screening of their films


3.00pm Conversation with artist Paul SIETSEMA and Eva FABBRIS, Fondazione Prada, Milano and screening of Empire (2002/24')

4.30pm Conversation with artist Pierre LEGUILLON, Diane, Ad et Tupperware. Une
conférence autobiographique

5.30pm Conversation with artists Mathieu COPELAND and Philippe DECRAUZAT
and screening of extracts from the project A Personal Sonic Geology