Dogana da Mar: la Punta dell’arte.

Punta della Dogana
H 7:00 PM


Wednesday October 6th, Giandomenico Romanelli presents his book Dogana da Mar : Art Point dedicated to the history of Punta della Dogana, now one of Venice’s most important venues for contemporary art exhibitions.

This volume reconstructs the distant and recent past of one of the most famous buildings in Venice. Looking both at the architectural and the political-administrative history of the structure over a total of seven centuries, his book charts the various changes in use which have led to substantial alterations in the fabric itself.

The second meeting of the cycle Serate d'arte 2010 will be followed by a Happy Hour at the Dogana Café.

General Information:
7 pm: Presentation of the volume Dogana da Mar: Art Point
8 pm: Happy Hour at the Dogana Café
Free entry
Prior booking necessary
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