Face to face with archives

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
H 6:00 PM


Thursday 30 November at 6 pm
Face to face with archives. The artist and the reactivated time

Starting from the reflections contained in the publication Archivi impossibili. Un'ossessione dell'arte contemporanea (Johan & Levi, 2016) by Cristina Baldacci, the talk 'Face to face with archives. The artist and the reactivated time' explores two main aspects of archives as an artistic practice: on the one hand personal memory - the need to preserve and collect, between egotism and the search of identity, every single piece of oneself and of one's work, in the hope of being in control and of finding ways to ease one's existential discomfort; on the other hand, the aspect regarding collective memory, therefore, the social, political and cultural role of archives as a tool of power and criticism.

Talk with Cristina Baldacci from University Iuav of Venice, artist Maria Morganti, artist Antoni Muntadas, Angela Vettese from University Iuav and screening of In girum revisited... (14'32'', 2017) by Antoni Muntadas.

In his new film In girum revisited... Antoni Muntadas edits and reinterprets the images of the last cinematographic work by Guy Debord In girum imus nocte consumimur igni (1978). This visual essay, a situationist 'drift' along the canals of Venice, is a metaphor for the passing of time and the impermanence of all things - including of political ideologies and utopias -, that Antoni Muntadas reactivates through archives.

Talk in Italian.

Free entry until capacity is reached.

In collaboration with Johan & Levi editore