Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
15/10 - 16/10/2021


Friday 15 and Saturday 16 October
Performances by Enrique Ramirez, Caterina Gobbi and Andrea di Lorenzo
Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi

“Gestus”, conceived by Video Sound Art, a production centre and contemporary art festival in Milan dedicated to promoting young artists and cultural activities, is the first exhibition project presented inside the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi. "Gestus" is an exhibition inspired by the research on the body developed by the great masters of theatre of the 20th century (Artaud, Copeau, Decroux, Mejerchol’d) and investigates the body, body language as a trigger for a spiritual and social transformative dynamic.

The exhibition is articulated in two acts and in a programme of performances: “Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo”, open to the public from 15 October to 24 November, and "Gestus II atto: Il montaggio delle azioni", open to the public from 1 December to 15 January.

The artists Enrique Ramirez (15 October), Caterina Gobbi (16 October) and Andrea di Lorenzo (15 and 16 October) will present performances dedicated to the body, its identity and its relationship with other forms of life as part of "Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo".

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