Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
15/10/2021 - 15/01/2022


The Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi presents "Gestus", the first exhibition project conceived specifically for its spaces, curated by Video Sound Art.

"Gestus" is a collective show that takes inspiration from the reflections upon the body started by the great masters of theatre of early 20th century, such as Artaud, Copeau, Decroux, Mejerchol'd. The selected works question the physical language as activator of transformative dynamics: break up physical and mental automatisms, deconstruct the body to build it back, giving birth to utopia that subvert the natural order of things.

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The exhibition is dedicated to movements of the body in space and is structured in two acts, each of which presents different works by artists and performers. The first act, "Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo", is open to the public from Friday 15 October to Wednesday 24 November with works by Enrique Ramirez and Driant Zeneli as well as performances by Enrique Ramirez (15 October), Caterina Gobbi (16-17 October) and Andrea Di Lorenzo (15-16 October).
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The second act, "Gestus II atto: Il montaggio delle azioni", open from Wednesday 1 December to Saturday 15 January 2022, presents works by Ludovica Carbotta and Driant Zeneli and performances by Ludovica Carbotta with Benedetta Barzini (1 December), Annamaria Ajmone (4 December) and Driant Zeneli (15 January).
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The artists of "Gestus II atto: Il montagio delle azioni", the second act of "Gestus", explore unprecedented new ways of existing in the world, moving beyond appearances to observe the deep-seated structures that govern human behaviour. The works reflect upon the physical exploration of urban space, proposing models for utopian cities and upending the concept of justice to create paradoxical dynamics.

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Gestus Footnotes

Gestus Footnotes is an editorial project that includes critique, videos and reportage dedicated to the exhibition "Gestus".
Each visitor is considered as a "researcher" who, following his/her own wishes and interested, will be able to build his/her own research path.

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How to access

"Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo": from Friday 15 October to Wednesday 24 November 2021
"Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo": from Wednesday 1 December to Saturday 15 January 2022

The exhibition is open for free on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm. Last admission at 6.45 pm.

On Friday 15 October access to the exhibition will be free until capacity is reached from 6 pm to 7.30 pm. Access to the performance by Enrique Ramirez at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm is free but booking is required online.

Please check here the safety guidelines to access to the Teatrino.

Curated by
Video Sound Art
Laura Lamonea
, Chief curator
Thomas Ba, Junior curator
Daniela Amandolese, Education
Francesca Mainardi, Development
Lino Palena, Production
Davide Francalanci, Editorial insights

The project is conceived and produced by Palazzo Grassi Punta della Dogana, Pinault Collection, Venice