In an attempt to get up di Driant Zeneli

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
H 4:00 PM


Saturday 15 January from 4 pm to 7 pm
Performance In an attempt to get up by Driant Zeneli
Gestus II atto: Il montaggio delle azioni
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi

On the occasion of the last day of "Gestus II atto: Il montaggio delle azioni", Driant Zeneli presents the performance In an attempt to get up, which initially included a group of children. The worsening of the health situation has made it impossible to include the participation of children in the play and physical exploration that are at the basis of the performance.

Drawing inspiration from the title, In an attempt to get up, Driant Zeneli has chosen to present a new performative act, in the presence of the public, in which he redefines with irony the concepts of failure and of utopia. He puts at the center of the performance the characters of his video work How deep can a dragonfly swim under the Ocean?: a dragonfly and an octopus that keeps it imprisoned in the murkiest depths of the ocean. The performance is a act of collective reflection and involvement during which the actions, sounds and voices mingle to overcome limitations and suggest uncharted possibilities.

Utopia stemps from imagination and leads the public to think about the relationship between body and architectural space. The performance is accompanied by the rhythm of the trumpet-robot of the musician Giorgio Distante's, who also created the music for the video work.


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