Intorno a Nauman #2

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
H 9:00 PM


Wednesday 21 September at 9 pm
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
Intorno a Nauman #2. Corps au travail

The Teatrino presents a cycle of screenings entitled “Intorno a Nauman”, curated by cinema critic and independent curator Dominique Païni and inspired by the exhibition ‘Bruce Nauman: Contrapposto Studies’ open at Punta della Dogana until 27 November 2022.

The selection includes films that somehow echo the act of walking and the classical pose Contrapposto, two elements at the heart of Bruce Nauman’s works on view. As well as establishing a dialogue with the performances of Bruce Nauman, the cycle retraces the story of Contrapposto, of moving bodies, at the centre of cinematography since its beginning.

'Corps au travail', the second appointment of the cycle, presents The Swimmer (1968, 92') by Frank Perry, which follows the character played by Burt Lancaster in his dives between one swimming poo and another in the sumptuous Californian villas. Films shot in the 1910s and coming from the Gaumont/Pathé archives, which portray anomalous bodies, in usual poses and conformations, are also screened:

  • Sciences naturelles : médecine. Mouvements respiratoires (1st diff. 1920, 2'30), Gaumont/Pathé
  • Etudes de maladies (1st diff. 1909, 2'30-8'48), Gaumont/Pathé
  • L'homme mystérieux (1st diff. 1910, 6'38), Gaumont/Pathé
  • The Swimmer (1968, 92') by Frank Perry
  • Danse Rythmique (1st diff. 1900, 5'15-10'32), Gaumont/Pathé
  • L'extraordinaire aventure de Boireau (1st diff. 1914, 13'45), Gaumont Pathé

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