Online workshop for all: Erik Kessels

08/05 - 10/05/2020


From Friday 8 May until Sunday 10 May
Fabulous Failures
With Erik Kessels, artist, designer and curator

The cycle of workshops for all launched by Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana becomes digital and is conceived in collaboration with exceptional guests working in various fields of contemporary creativity.

The public is invited to take part in the activities by following simple instructions, meant to stimulate unique points of view on their own daily life. Each week, the activities are published on the website and on the Instagram e Facebook accounts with the hashtag #palazzograssiatyours.

From 8th to 10th May, artist, designer and curator Erik Kessels presents the Open Lab 'Fabulous Failures' and invites us to reflect on how mistakes can inspire us and how we can make works out of it.

Erik Kessels is a Dutch artist, designer, curator and publisher with a particular interest in vernacular photography. He is the founder and creative director of advertising agency KesselsKramer.

Open Lab in collaboration with Micamera

Download the activities conceived by Erik Kessels

'Conventional wisdom tells us failure isn’t a good thing, so let’s prove the opposite in a series of online interactions and find out how this can improve your ideas. This first exercise to create more interesting works by looking and embracing mistakes starts in your house. Please try to find and document the tiny errors and mistakes taking place in your own immediate surrounding. The errors and mistakes at home can become your masterpiece.' Erik Kessels.

Photograph the closest mistakes and post them as a response on Instagram, with the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours.

Day 2

'The mundane is often very fascinating. Let’s celebrate the illogical by concentrating and focusing on one object or event and document it excessively. What at first seems totally stupid and unnecessary, becomes fascinating and special. You will become the specialist in, for example, yellow plastic bags, broken pens or the beauty of laundry on the floor. Try not to be too rational and believe in the idea that everything can be a subject. Surprise us and post us your crazy obsessions.' Erik Kessels.

What are the mundane objects or situations that fascinate you the most? Tell us on Instagram, with a shot and the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours.

Day 3

“Finally, it is time to make your very own Fabulous Failure. Redesign your imagination and don’t take yourself too seriously. Failing is the worst thing that can happen. Try to follow your normal process of working but do it the wrong way and you’ll be surprised what comes out of it. Send us your creation and share it with your fellow creators who did successfully screw up. Here are some great examples for inspiration of Fabulous Failures that always fascinated me.” Erik Kessels.

Have you tried to create your own Fabulous Failure? Share it on Instagram, with the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours.