Online workshops for all: Ryoko Sekiguchi

28/04 - 02/05/2020


From Tuesday 28 April to Saturday 2 May
Why do we eat?

with Ryoko Sekiguchi, writer

From April, the cycle of workshops for all launched by Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana becomes digital and is conceived in collabortion with exceptionnal guests working in various fields of contemporary creativity. The public is invited to take part to the activities by following simple instructions, meant to stimulate unique points of view on their own daily life. Each week, the activities will be published on the Instagram e Facebook accounts with the hashtag #palazzograssiatyours.

From 28th April, writer Ryoko Sekiguchi leads the workshop 'Why do we eat?' and invites the participants to travel with their imagination and taste buds to discover why reflecting upon food is to think about the world.

Ryoko Sekiguchi writes in French and Japanese. Her work deals with matters of taste and perceptions.

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Day 1

Have you ever thought about how many miles of noodles you’ve eaten in your life so far?
"1 mile? 100? To the moon? […] “Hm, I’ve got the munchies. I could go for 2 yards of spaghetti!” “Have some more: these noodles are ultra-thin; 12 yards is nothing!” “To stay healthy, do not consume more than 36 yards of ramen per week…”” Ryoko Sekiguchi

How many miles of noodles have you eaten in your life? Tell us on Instagram, with the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours
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Day 2

What exactly happens when you put something in your mouth?
"During meals, every mouthful is an encounter between two individuals: the food and your mouth. Sometimes your mouth wants to fill itself with sweet things, such as candies or nougat, as often as possible. Sometimes your mouth might even be surprised when it first encounters a product, during a trip abroad.” Ryoko Sekiguchi

Let’s write a short dialogue between our food and our palate, imagining it as a fragment of a theatrical play! Tell us on Instagram, with the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours
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Day 3

What are the symbols that save us?
“It’s not a bad idea to draw up a list of our cravings, or rather, a list of the cravings of each of the members of our body… So, let’s draw the map of the territory of our body! You can draw your map whatever way you want: like a map of the world; or as an outline of your body; in color; black and white; or even as a collage of drawings or photographs…” Ryoko Sekiguchi

Draw the map of your body, reflecting on the things you crave and miss right now. Then share it on Instagram, with the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours.
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Day 4

What do other people taste like? (This is not a text on cannibalism)
“Professional cooks are those who are able to imagine the tastes of others. But for us, too, every time we cook for someone else our taste territory expands, along with our imagination of the bodies of others, and of the relationship each person has with food and cooking, including their feelings, affections and fears. This is where the subtlety, as well as the pleasure, of preparing meals for others lies.” Ryoko Sekiguchi

Imagine your special guest. Then draw up the menu imagining to cook something that will meet their taste.
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Day 5

What will be the “first meal” that you will eat after lockdown ends?
“Today, time stands still, and we are waiting for the day of release, of reunion. We remain in the heart of our home, waiting to see everyone again, and we are more likely to ask the following question: what would be the “first meal” you would like to eat on the day of your rebirth? On that day, what fresh, young leaves, what fruits, what vegetables, would you like to see once again? With whom? And where? On the grass, in the fresh air, of that I am sure.” Ryoko Sekiguchi

What is the first meal you would like to eat after lockdown ends? Tell us on Instagram, with the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours.Read Ryoko's full text