Palazzo Grassi invites The International Festival of Films on Art

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
07/10 - 10/10/2021


From Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 October
Palazzo Grassi invites The International Festival of Films on Art
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi

In collaboration with The International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi presents an exclusive selection of films. The programming includes short and feature-length films dedicated to a variety of themes such as visual arts, architecture, dance, performances, urban art, and multimedia art, along with portraits of artists. Several works are also dedicated to Canadian indigenous productions and cultures.

FIFA is dedicated to the international promotion and distribution of films on art and media arts. For four decades, it has been committed to increasing the knowledge and appreciation of art among the public, promoting the work of artists in the fields of cinema, video, and visual arts, and also encouraging the production and diffusion of art films.

Download the screening schedule and the synopses

Screening schedule

Thursday 7 October
6 pm

Introduction by Philippe Del Drago, Executive and Artistic Director of The International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)
Mobilize by Caroline Monnet, 2015, Canada, 3', without dialogues
La pomme by Katharine Nequado, 2017, Canada, 2', ov: French; st: English
BOOKANIMA: Andy Warhol by Shon Kim, 2019, United States / South Korea, 4', ov: English
Symposium / In the Distance by Luigi Capasso, 2020, Canada, 11', ov: Italian; st: English

6.45 pm
J’ai retrouvé Christian B. by Alain Fleischer, 2020, France, 87', ov: French; st: English

Friday 8 October
6 pm

Over the Top by Justine Cappelle, 2020, Belgium, 21', ov: Dutch; st: English
Wearing my Culture by Olivia Lya Thomassie, 2018, Canada, 3', without dialogues; st: English

6.30 pm
Mary Bauermeister – One and One is Three by Carmen Belaschk, 2020, Germany / United States, 102', ovo: English and German; st: English

Saturday 9 October
6 pm

Nikamowin by Kevin Lee Burton, 2007, Canada, 11', vo: English
BODY PLACE IMAGE by Gigisha Abashidze, 2020, United States / Georgia, 32', ov: English, Georgian; st: English
[The Black Man in the Cosmos] by Kitoko Diva, 2020, France / United Kingdom, 18', ov: French and English; st: French and English
Playback by Agustina Comedi, 2019, Argentina, 14', ov: Spanish; st: English

7.30 pm
We Are Not Princesses by Bridgette Auger and Itab Azzam, 2018, United Kingdom / United States, 74', ov: Arabic; st: English

Sunday 10 October
5 pm

The Walking Man by Giulio Boato and Lorenzo Danesin, 2019, Italy, 61', ov: Italian; st: English

6 pm
Betty Boop Forever by Claire Duguet, 2021, France, 51', ov: French and English; st: English

7 pm
Comme une vague (Big Giant Wave) by Marie-Julie Dallaire, 2021, Canada, 87', ov: French, English, Dari, Spanish; st: French

Access to the event
Admission is free until capacity is reached.
Doors open 20 minutes before the beginning of the event. Members can access the Teatrino 30 minutes before the start of the event.
Please check here the safety guidelines to access to the Teatrino.