PalazzoGrassiTeens: #iorestoacasa

10/03 - 15/05/2020


PalazzoGrassiTeens: art told by teenagers to the peers

In compliance with the DPCM of March 8, 2020, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana are currently closed to the public. As we wait for the reopening of the museum, every day until May, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana tells of the artists of the Pinault Collection through texts, images and videos created by the teenagers who over the last few years participated to PalazzoGrassiTeens.

Moreover, to accompany teenagers in the daily routine, PalazzoGrassiTeens launches a "call to action" from the Instagram account @palazzograssiteens: teenagers are invited to turn their daily gestures into exraordinary ones, by undestanding the power of art to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
The invitation stems from the elaboration on the concept of everyday life participants worked on while analysing the work of German photographer Kurt Kranz Munderreihen (1930-1931), available on the online content library

PalazzoGrassiTeens is Palazzo Grassi's project dedicated to actively invoving teenagers in the elaboration and creation of contents dedicated to contemporary art and to share them with their peers.

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