Paolo Fresu and Daniele di Bonaventura at Palazzo Grassi

Palazzo Grassi
H 9:30 PM


Sunday August 1st 2010, Paolo Fresu and Daniele Di Bonaventura at Palazzo Grassi, at 9.30pm
Devised and curated by Pino Ninfa Homage to Hugo Pratt. The Roads of Adventure is a multi-media event created as part of the Venezia Jazz Festival; it brings together a concert and a photographic exhibition. Focused upon the theme of adventure – both imagined and imaginary – the project is an act of homage to the creativity and imagination of a man who was an ‘honorary Venetian’ and used the city as the setting for a number of the cartoon strips and stories featuring his alter ego, the phlegmatic sailor Corto Maltese, who – like his creator – was a tireless traveller and romantic dreamer.

The music for this journey was written by the trumpet-player Paolo Fresu, whose profoundly exploratory work has often before transported us to distant lands. The very definition of an eclectic musician, he is accompanied here by Daniele Di Bonaventura on the bandoneon, improvising on stage in response to the evocative collection of images put together by Pino Ninfa.

Paolo Fresu is one of the best known, loved and respected of the figures now active on the international jazz scene. Born in 1961 at Berchidda, he now divides his time between Bologna, Paris and Sardinia. He began studying trumpet at the age of eleven as a member of the ‘Bernardo de Muro’ Musical Band in his local town. After a variety of work in the field of light music he discovered jazz in 1980 and began his professional career in 1982. He now has more than 350 recordings to his credit, performing either with his now historic Quintet, as a soloist or as a guest artiste on other albums. He has worked with innumerable jazz artists from Italy and abroad as well as with pop-rock musicans and figures from the world of Italian literature and theatre. Paolo Fresu has also written and performed music for theatre, films, and literary readings. Furthermore, he has composed and performed for dance and ballet, live sound events, videos, documentaries, television programmes, art installations and video art. The winner of dozens of prizes and awards, he holds master classes and lessons in Italy and abroad.

Born in 1966 at Fermo (in the Marche), Daniele di Bonaventura is a composer and arranger, as well a player of the piano and bandoneon. Though of classical training and background, from the very beginning of his career he has shown a strong interest in improvisation. He has collaborated in the fields of both classical and contemporary music, in performances of jazz and tango, ethnic music and world music. He has also worked in the fields of cinema, theatre and dance.

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