Palazzo Grassi
H 1:00 PM


Friday July 30th: Lunch with the artist!
At 1pm at the Palazzo Grassi Café you can lunch with the famous photographer Pino Ninfa under Giovanni Masiero Duo sound.
The lunch will be followed at 2:30 pm by the presentation of the catalogue “Omaggio a Hugo Pratt. Sulle strade dell’avventura”, published by Casadei Libri.

The artist turn back on his dazzling meeting with Hugo Pratt that gave birth to the tale of nine illustrated stories: Cuba and the Porsche of Hemingway; the poet Rimbaud and the letter he writed during his stay in Etiopia; Michel Petrucciani; Dancalia deserts in Etiopia; the tango in Buenos Aires, Paris, Milan; the cave churches in Etiopia; Blues from Clarksdale to Memphis; Pratt portraits in his studio; and finally an inedited selection of images of Venice.

In addition of the catalogue, this multimedia project brings together a photographic exhibition at the Gran Caffè Quadri and a concert at Palazzo Grassi on the 1st of August. In the pop and contemporary location of Palazzo Grassi, Paolo Fresu will pay his personal homage to Hugo Pratt, accompanied by Daniele Di Bonaventura on the bandoneon, improvising on stage in response to the evocative images put together by Pino Ninfa.

Information and Booking at the Palazzo Grassi Café : +39 041 24 01 337