The Citytellers - Francesco Jodice

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
H 4:00 PM


Thursday 16 February from 4 pm
Presentation and screening of the project The Citytellers by artist Francesco Jodice

The Citytellers project is a film trilogy that explores the transformations of today’s megalopolises, particularly in terms of new social, political, economic and religious phenomena. Artist Francesco Jodice selected three cities – Sao Paolo, Aral and Dubai – to observe the changes that have taken place and reflect on questions like self-organisation, environmental disasters and new forms of slavery. Presented by Galleria Michela Rizzo, the three films resulting from this project are at the crossroad between documentary and storytelling.

4 pm
Screening of Chapter I. Sao Paulo_Citytellers (2006, 48')
Francesco Jodice explores the various aspects Sao Paulo: a new economy, alternative jobs, a new way of life, stories on the fear of abduction, aggression, and violence, which prompted the richer classes to use helicopter as taxis. The many stories are mere fragments of everyday life in a Sao Paulo.

5 pm
Screening of Chapter II. Aral_Citytellers (2010, 48')
The Aral Sea between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is considered one of the biggest environmental disasters in human history: today the Aral Sea has declined to 10% of its original size and the Vozrozhdeniya island is one of the most contaminated sites in the world. The communities that survive on the desertified Sea borders have become an “archeology of humanity”.

6 pm
Talk with artist Francesco Jodice and Carlo Sala, Director of Fondazione Fabbri, followed by the screening of Chapter III. Dubai_Ciytellers (2010, 57')
Two million workers work twelve hours a day in the burning heat to build the most impressive cathedral in the desert on Earth. Children have been kidnapped, tortured, abused to stop their growth in order to serve as jockeys in the popular camel jockey races in the desert. Dubai, which has been chosen by the international community as a strategic hub for world economy, is also one of the founding centres of new slavery policies.

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