Workshop for kids

Punta della Dogana
H 3:00 PM


Saturday 13 October at 3 pm at Punta della Dogana
Play-Visit for children
Like in the movies

In the age of selfies and narrative imagery, the exhibition 'Dancing with Myself' reflects on self-representation with works from the 1970s to today. The Play-Visits at Punta della Dogana invite children to look closer, reflect and rework our image and identity.

Have you ever dreamt about starring in a movie? What would it be? Inspired by the works of Martin Kippenberger, we try to imagine the poster of the movie in which you're the hero.

Participation is free, just ask the ticket office!

Practical information
For children from 5 years of age and older.
Workshop are available in italian, english and french.
Access to the museum is free for children.
Adults who wish to accompany them during the workshop benefit from the reduced price.

All participants will receive a voucher to receive a snack (muffin and fruit juice) at the cafè of Palazzo Grassi at the price of 3 €.

For more information:
+39 041 24 01 373

Every Saturday at 3pm at Punta della Dogana and at 5 pm at Palazzo Grassi, a free guided tour of the exhibition is offered to adults in Italian, click here to discover more.