Workshops for all: #palazzograssiatyours

08/04 - 24/05/2020


Workshops at home!

The cycle of workshops for all launched by Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana becomes digital and is conceived in collaboration with exceptionnal guests working in various fields of contemporary creativity.

Illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli, the team of studio saòr, author Ryoko Sekiguchi, designer Giulio Iacchetti, artist, designer and curator Erik Kessels, illustrator and author Emiliano Ponzi and photographer Marco Cappelletti were the first to lead these new workshops for all: colour, movement, unexpected combinations, daily habits, everything becomes material for art!

The activities are available here and published on the Instagram e Facebook accounts with the hashtag #PalazzoGrassiatyours.

The public is invited to take part to the activities by following simple instructions, meant to stimulate unique points of view on their own daily life.


Purple Book Meets Green Bottle
with Olimpia Zagnoli, illustrator

How a casual encounter between two or more domestic objects suggests an unusual color combination.

Olimpia Zagnoli was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy. After years of scribbling she became an illustrator and now collaborates The New York Times, The New Yorker, La Repubblica, Prada, Taschen among others. Soft shapes and chameleonic colours inform her style. She lives in Milan in a house with kaleidoscopic floors.

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Shy, small and fragile exhibitions at home
with Giulio Iacchetti, designer

Become curators of small domestic exhibitions with materials you can find at home. Easy to set up and dismantle, these micro-exhibitions have a low environmental impact but a high lateral thinking factor… Why not give it a try?”

Giulio Iacchetti has been designing objects since he was a kid, and it became his job in 1992. He loves to design, experiment, curate exhibitions, to learn, write and create small objects and models – mainly out of wood – with his own two hands.

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Abstract equilibrium
with studio saòr, illustrated architecture

Observe daily actions and create maps and diagrams of the space that sourrounds you.

studio saòr is a creative studio established in Venice, Italy, in 2014. The two founders define their work as “illustrated architecture”: their starting point is the analysis of the city, from which they extrapolate themes to create their series.

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Why Do We Eat?
with Ryoko Sekiguchi, writer

Because to think about food is to think about the world.

Ryoko Sekiguchi writes in French and Japanese. Her work deals with matters of taste and perceptions.

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Fabulous Failures
With Erik Kessels, artist, designer and curator

How mistakes can inspire us and how we can make works out of them.

Erik Kessels is a Dutch artist, designer, curator and publisher with a particular interest in vernacular photography. He is the founder and creative director of advertising agency KesselsKramer.

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With With Emiliano Ponzi, illustrator and author

Reflect on memory and desire.

Emiliano Ponzi is an Italian illustrator and author. He has received numerous honours including the gold and silver medals of honour from the Society of Illustrators, New York, the Gold Cube from the Art Directors Club of New York, award recognition from American Illustration, Print, How International Design. He has written and illustrated 3 books: The Journey of the Penguin, The Great New York Subway Map for the MoMA in New York and American West, first published in The New Yorker as a daily dairy and later as a book by Corraini. He writes a column for The Washington Post.

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New codes
With Marco Cappelletti, photographer

Observe the space outside our homes and think about the new codes that define it.

Marco Cappelletti is a photographer who lives and works in Venice. His work focuses on space and on how we determine it by modifying the environement to fit our needs.

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A book is a book is a book
With Libri Belli, a project by Livia Satriano

Think about books as objects, about their secret lives and the many meanings that can be given to them.

Libri Belli is a project conceived and curated by Livia Satriano on Instagram with the aim to rediscover old Italian books through their cover. Beautiful editions of classic books and publications that have not had the fortune to be under the spotlight but are nevertheless worth noticing.

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