Punta della Dogana
17/04 - 20/11/2016


"Accrochage" is an experiment based on a single, simple rule: select eighty works, which have never been shown since they became part of the Pinault Collection and underline the artist’s search and creative process, not the work’s aesthetic. In other words, "Accrochage" focuses on how rather than why these works were created.
The selection reflects the Pinault Collection as a whole and brings together established and up-and-coming artists: from Sol LeWitt to Prabhavathi Meppayil, from Philippe Parreno to Cerith Wyn Evans, from Pierre Huyghe to Nina Canell, to name but a few. Notwithstanding their radical diversity, these works share a formal simplicity, a suppressed tension that amplify the space of the other, that is of the spectators. This freedom given by the exhibits is the aim of this exhibition. Its title “Accrochage” (hanging-up) is deliberately neutral, unobtrusive and delivers a simple, direct message: look!

Curator of the exhibition: Caroline Bourgeois


Free guided tours of the exhibition are organised every Saturday at 3pm and 4.30pm. Guided tours are in Italian.
Booking is not required. Access to the guided tour with a valid admission ticket to the museum.

Personalised guided tours in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Italian Sign Language can be organised upon request. >> More information




The exhibition catalogue is published by Marsilio Editori. Graphic design by Leonardo Sonnoli, Tassinari/Vetta.

The catalogue includes a text by Caroline Bourgeois and Béatrice Gross as well as a large selection of images of the works on show accompanied by quotes of authors from different disciplines (literature, film, philosophy, poetry...).

344 pages
1 edition in 3 languages (Italian, English, French)

Exhibition guide