Gilbert & George

It was love at first sight and the start of one of the most unique artistic adventures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. A fusional relationship formed between Gilbert and George, between art and life. For them, every second of their lives was raised to the status of art: Drinking Sculpture, Walking Sculpture, Singing Sculpture. They became interested in video very early on, and between 1970 and 1972, they made Sculptures on Video-Tape. Looking for the most appropriate medium for expressing their message, they went from charcoal drawing to painting, then eventually decided on photography. Their style is immediately recognisable and evokes the art on stained glass windows. Images cut out on rectangular panels, some measuring several metres, illustrate their world, in which the infinitely small sits side by side with the infinitely big, the sublime side by side with the banal, without hierarchy, and following complex combinations. They see their works as vast visual poems which, with a touch of humour, decipher the human condition.