Giulio Paolini

Giulio Paolini’s artistic experimentation is concerned with a relentless series of thoughts and reflections on the power of images, which, with the help of citations, photography, duplication, collage, and casting in chalk, becomes the fundamental basis of his research on notions of the identity of art and its raison d’être. The relationship between the work, the author, and the spectator are one of the artist’s key focuses: seeing and not seeing, perception and visual illusion. Thus Paolini described Delfo (II): ‘[…] I am wearing a long white tunic and grasping in my right hand Averroé [work by Paolini from 1967], in my left hand I am holding a bust of Sappho, superimposed onto my eyes and blocking out my vision […] and I am, in this way, in a state of ecstasy… Behind me, in the background, one of my works from 1965. It is a white staircase with an infinitepoint perspective’.