Lili Reynaud- Dewar

All the works produced by Lili Reynaud- Dewar in 2013 are entitled I Am Intact and I Don’t Care. They include performances, films, and installations, as well as the black and white video piece I Am Intact and I Don’t Care (Pierre Huyghe, Centre Pompidou). In the latter work, Reynaud-Dewar dances naked, her body painted a dark hue, through the deserted exhibition rooms of the Beaubourg, evoking the style of Josephine Baker. The piece blurs the boundaries between the personal and the public sphere: the museum room has been turned into a private space for the shoot; gestures from the collective memory have been translated into a personal physical language; and she has put her naked, vulnerable artist’s body on show in such a way that the paint that covers her form converts it into an almost abstract, immensely mutable material. Taking feminist ideas and postcolonial approaches as her starting point, Reynaud-Dewar creates a correlation between the artist’s persona, her biographical background, and her creative output, which is opposed to any mythologizing definition of the artist. For Reynaud-Dewar, producing art that is relevant cannot be done without taking personal risks. In this spirit, she lives nomadically and likens the exhibition spaces in which her works are shown to dwellings that she moves in and out of.